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Ann-Marie Cheung – Diva Award – December 12, 2012 Presented by Gail McNaughton

EBWN Admin Committee 2012: Anne Kenny, Susan Smith, Gail McNaughton, Yvonne Brooks, Lori Wall, Ann-Marie Cheung, Linda Crawford

We have a Flash Goddess in our midst and she has kept our EBWN website on track since 2009.  She transcended any problems by wearing expert flying gear and supplemented our thinking with creative new thoughts.  Being an artist at heart she has both visual and technical creativity.

Tonight we are honouring Ann-Marie Cheung, retiring Website Administrator with the EBWN Diva Award.  She is the third recipient of this award so is in good company with Melissa Bishop, owner of Elements of Natural Health and a past member of the EBWN and Yvonne Brooks, owner of Country Seat Upholstery and Distributor for Magnetic Laundry System.  The Diva Award is presented at the discretion of the EBWN Admin. Committee for excellence and significant contribution to the Network.

Although Ann-Marie is quiet, she is profound in her position and carefully and caringly goes about her duties.  She is often the first in line to complete tasks like her job description when we were getting these completed to be available to others who follow in our footsteps.  Ann-Marie has been a true volunteer in every sense of the word and often did tasks without charging the Network.  She has been available to all of us for support using the Network and has developed websites for several people in our group.

She helped us blossom by creating a well respected website that attracts thousands of people giving us a face in the world.  This website, and profiles on Facebook, the blog, LinkedIn and Twitter have brought us to professional standards.  The website is seen as a valuable link to the community and is utilized by fellow EBWN members.  It needed a refreshing new look and a number of different variables to make it easy and accessible for the membership, the public and the volunteers.   Ann-Marie updated the website to allow easy access to member business information and permit the EBWN Admin. Committee members to add event details, new pictures and updated information on a weekly basis.  The colours she helped us choose and the generic faces on our website logo and business cards give us a distinguished look and feel.

Linda Crawford had this to say about Ann-Marie:

“As creator and manager of the EBWN’s website, blog, Facebook and LinkedIn profile, Ann-Marie has shown great expertise and professionalism.  She is a gem to be associated with, as she invites us to interact and guides us through the digital world to increase the social impact of individual members and the EBWN as a group.  She empowers us.”

My own testimonial to Ann-Marie says:

“Ann-Marie is a quiet professional with a big heart, a creative web designer mentality and a reliable host.  She has organized and maintained my personal website www.gailmcnaughton.com.  She takes ideas and runs with them and the next time you turn around they are done.  She makes creative suggestions, gives advice, provides tutorials, spends one-on-one time with you and is cost conscious.  Ann-Marie is a delight to work with and I can always reach her on-line which is my choice of communication."

In closing, Ann-Marie isn’t just all about work.  She has a family life with two children, has traveled to places like Egypt and rode on a camel, is a licensed Zumba Instructor and recently took a two-weekend program in art education to be able to develop and conduct programs in schools.  As an artist she has had several exhibitions and continues to be creative in all aspects of her life.

Please join me in congratulating Ann-Marie in receiving this award.  She will still be a member of the EBWN and will assist Kim Davis in her new role replacing Ann-Marie and be available to all of us in the network and beyond.

Ann-Marie, you will truly be missed by the Admin. Committee.  We will miss your inspired ideas and those crafts of tea you brought to Admin. Committee meetings when you were in the tea business!  A big thank you from Yvonne, Anne, Susan, Lori, Linda, Kim and I and our gratitude for your patience with our indulgences to talk so fast that you probably wouldn’t have been able to get a word in edgewise!

One last tid bit of information.  Ann-Marie, to her credit, won the bid to design the Home Based Business Association’s website.  She is taking one last kick at the can with us and migrating our website to a new software package called Wild Apricots.  We will remember her as our Flash Goddess and Wild Apricot!

Gail McNaughton

December 12th, 2012

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