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Herma Van Meppelen Schepink "I started coming to EBWN sometime last year at the invitation of Christine Noble.  I was immediately made to feel welcome.  We began our evening by introducing the person across from us.  I met Yvonne Ethier from Abbeywood and she told me how she started in business.  It was a real encouragement to me.  I also met Lori Wall that evening because she was seated beside me.  We discovered some similar interests and have become friends.  So in a nutshell, the EBWN is a place to meet new friends, be encouraged in business, and learn from each other.  It is wonderful!"

Herma Van Meppelen Schepink

Lori Wall "I joined EBWN a couple years ago with the hopes of ‘connecting’ with the business community as I was new to Elgin. I received so much more than I was expecting! I found the group wonderfully supportive of each other and genuinely interested in each other’s businesses. I received opportunities to promote my agency within the group and beyond as a result of my membership. I have received constructive advice from the group in a very non-threatening environment. Invaluable contacts and friendships have been formed. One of the greatest benefits was the link to the Chamber of Commerce. Having the opportunity to attend Chamber Events under the umbrella of EBWN connected me with people who made an impact on my agency. I am very grateful for the education, networking and friendship formed through EBWN!"

Lori Wall
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Christine Noble "I come away feeling inspired after each and every EBWN meeting. Networking is a lot more than increasing your client base, it is about sharing resources and information. EBWN supports women in their personal and business goals. New friends, new ideas, new information and never feeling like you are alone in whatever challenges you are facing in your business."

Christine Noble

Yvonne Brooks "I have participated in the Elgin Business Women's Network, since it began.

I enjoy introducing other business women to the group, and hope they feel the same sense of empowerment from being in the company of so many diverse and talented ladies. My motive is not to 'get business', it is the sharing of ideas, and knowing that we are not alone in our challenges. Keep up the good work, my friends"

Yvonne Brooks
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Mary Pfeffer "I joined the EBWN at the second meeting way back when they were associated with WRED, Women in Rural Economic Development. Over the years it has been my pleasure to have met so many talented women and developed friendships with all of them. These women are truly interested in the growth and development of each other's businesses and when asked take the time to assist each other. As an entrepreneur it is so easy to get caught up in our own little world and think that we're all alone and have to know everything but we can't do it all. With a quick phone call or email we can connect with others and get help. The monthly meetings are a lot of fun as well. I hope that I've been at least half as much help to these women as they have been to me."

Mary Pfeffer

Gail McNaughton "I am the Communications” Pivot” for the EBWN and love every minute of it so I am always accessible via e-mail. Being on the Administrative Committee and one of the long-standing members of the network has helped me to appreciate women from all walks of life and enjoy a leadership role. I enjoy supporting everyone through my efforts to develop relationships, network and share information. I moved here from Toronto 12 years ago and was looking for friendships and business colleagues and this group has honoured my individuality and given me a group atmosphere. They are my “Team”. They are my “Tribe”. Women power is very important and I see the women of this group as role models in the community and outstanding entrepreneurs."

Gail McNaughton

Karen Huggett "I have been a member of EBWN for about 7 years now and rarely missed a meeting.
To me, regular attendance and building relationships is what networking is all about.
I love to support women entrepreneurs as we face challenges that men in business don’t.
Take time after each meeting and connect with one or two ladies you met. Have coffee and get to know them, their business and who their ideal client is. As those relationships and trust grow, business and referrals come. And you will make some awesome friends along the way!"

Karen Huggett

Ann-Marie Cheung "I joined the Elgin Business Women's Network shortly after moving to the area in 2006 in hopes of meeting like minded business women.  I’m delighted to say I’ve made so many great contacts as well as friends. It’s always so energizing, refreshing and inspiring to attend an EBWN event and be surrounded by so many wonderful, supportive women! Giving a 30 second intro to the group at the meetings is a great exercise for all of us in public speaking.

Since most of my clients come to me through referrals and word of mouth, I have always believed that networking is of vital importance to having a successful business.  I recently even had the exciting opportunity of redesigning the EBWN website and am continuing to help this fantastic group thrive. "

Ann-Marie Cheung
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